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Ionic Foot Detox 

A safe, natural and gentle way of enhancing a compromised digestive system and treating problems with eliminating waste. Colon hydrotherapy has been used for centuries to clear the body of toxins and provide relief from a range of conditions. During colon hydrotherapy, filtered water is used to flush out toxic buildup in the bowel including fecal waste, intestinal parasites, harmful bacteria, mucus and gas.

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What Exactly is a Foot Detox?

Natural health care practitioners and physicians all over the world know and recognize the need for detoxification. Although the human body was designed to handle a relatively large amount of toxins, our modern environment is contaminated to the point that most people need assistance to regain and maintain optimum health. This is where the Ionic Foot Detox comes in

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Packages and

Clean Start Total Body Cleansing combines the best techniques and products with skilled professionals to usher you into a level of relaxation and detoxification. Book individual treatments or purchase a package and enjoy the spa for a full or half day. Below you’ll find our newest packages as well as the full menu of available treatments. 

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