Scheduling a Float Pod Session in Miami, FL - Q & A

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

What is a Float Pod?

It is a private space where you can experience freedom from your senses also know as sensory deprivation. Our pod provides a light and sound free environment. It is filled with 10 inches of water and approximately 900 lbs of dissolved Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate). This solution is perfectly heated to skin temperature allowing you to feel weightless and free from your senses. 

What are the benefits of Epsom Salts?

Epsom salts have a number of benefits. Your body absorbs magnesium which is one of the most common mineral deficiencies. Additionally the magnesium acts to open up pores, exfoliate the skin, and help with muscle soreness.

Can two people float in one tank?

No, it’s intended to be a private experience.

What do I wear while floating?

We require you float naked. This is so no dye or other materials get into the pod.

Do I shower before using the pod?

Yes. It’s extremely important to shower before using the tank to help keep it clean. This also helps to keep any potential allergens or irritants out of the tank. You will also need to shower after to remove the Epsom salt from your skin and hair.

How long does a session last?

60 minutes. Your actual float time will be about 40 min.

Will I float easily?

Absolutely! It’s impossible to stay underwater due to the buoyancy of the 900 pounds of Epsom salt. Your eyes, nose and mouth will stay fully exposed, and your body will float naturally and effortlessly. 

What if I can’t swim?

No problem!  No swimming skills are required.  All you need to do is know how to lay back and relax.  The water is only ten inches deep.

Can I fall asleep in the tank?

Yes, many people safely fall asleep in the tank.  If you are worried about falling asleep and rolling over, don't worry, it is almost impossible to involuntarily roll over due to the salt concentration and if you manage to, the solution would wake you up.

What happens if salt gets in my eyes?

We provide a cup of salt free water to rinse your eyes should you accidentally touch your eyes and a there are towels in your room. It’s important to keep your hands away from your eyes.  If you get any salt water in your eyes you will be uncomfortable for a few minutes.

What is provided?

You will be provided your own private room with towels, soaps, and earplugs.

How Is the water kept clean?

Our Float Pod's combine technologies and systems to ensure the maximum cleanliness of our water.  

1) Our pods are equipped with a pressurized, 24 hour filtration system, which is activated when when the pods are not in use. 100% of the water is pushed through the filter with absolutely no water bypass. 

2) Our water contains a minimal amount of a disinfectant (bromine) by Vancouver Coastal Health, which further ensures cleanliness. 

3) Our pods are equipped with The UltraPure Automatic Water Cleaner, which oxidizes our water with an ozone treatment while it's being pumped through a filter. 

4) Our pods are inspected following each float by our team,

5) Our pods are equipped with the Trident™ Ultraviolet sanitation systems, which neutralizes any microorganisms that may be resistant to other sanitizers. 

6) All guests are required to shower pre and post float. 

7) Our pods each contain 900 pounds of Epsom salts or magnesium sulphate heptahydrate. The high concentration of magnesium sulphate prevents any bacteria from forming. 

Will I feel claustrophobic?

While we recommend closing complete sensory deprivation our pods are designed to provide maximum comfort. Each pod has the ability to float with the pod door open  until you are comfortable to close it on your own. Our pods are equipped with  multi colour LED lightening that are easily accessed while floating. The lights can be used as a form of chromotherapy/colour therapy or to ease with nervousness while floating. Our pods are equipped with a built in intercom if you wish to speak with one of our team during your session. 

What if I need to use the bathroom?

You should exit and use the bathroom. Try to eat a light meal beforehand and use the facilities before you enter. Avoid drinking too many liquids and be sure to avoid caffeine/other stimulants to get the most from your experience.

Won't my skin prune?

Nope! Wrinkles occur when water removes salt from your skin. Due to the high salt concentration in the solution the salt will not be depleted from your skin and your skin will feel soft after. Epsom salt is actually quite nourishing for the skin and most people leave noticing how silky smooth their skin has become.

What if I am menstruating?

Floating is not permitted.


Can pregnant women float?

Yes. Some say floating is "a pregnancy must! Floating allows you to escape the added stress and weight of pregnancy by being in a weightless environment, taking the strain off of your body. Pregnant women have reported a reduction of erratic movements of the baby inside the womb while floating. This may be due to the security felt by the baby while the mother shares a similar experience in the isolation tank. 

How early should I arrive?

We strongly recommend that first time floaters arrive 10 minutes early so that we can help address any questions you may have and that you have ample time to shower and change so that you could make the most of your float. If you have floated before and are familiar, we recommend coming at least 5 minutes early to get settled in before your float.

What should I bring?

We provide towels and products to use before and after the float.  If you wear contacts be sure to bring your contact lense case and solution. 

How will I know when its time to exit?

Music will sound during the last five minutes of your session to let you know it is coming to an end. 

Is anyone unable to use the tank?

You will not be allowed to float if you have any of the following conditions:

  • Infectious skin or respiratory disorders

  • Open wounds

  • Incontinence

  • Epilepsy or serious mental conditions

  • A high-risk pregnancy

  • Have coloured or permed your hair within 7 days

  • Under the influence of any drug or alcohol

  • Under 18 without parental presence

What if I'm injured before my float?

It depends upon the nature of the injury. If it is a joint or a muscle pain check with your doctor first, but the float tank could actually help speed up your recovery.  In the case of an open wound, you will need to reschedule. If you need to reschedule, kindly let us know as soon as possible.

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