Foot Detox Effects: Atlanta, GA and Miami, FL

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

More than knowing the services, everyone must understand why detox, cleansing and the effect it has on the body are so important.

First, let’s define Detoxification: A detox is the process of cleaning the internals to flush out toxins. Usually, the concept of cleansing is associated with colonics or colon cleansing. Nevertheless, there are other detox cleanse procedures done on different parts of the body. They work together to attain optimum wellness.

What can detoxification do:

Restore Natural and Normal Internal Processes

Toxins hamper healthy internal processes like blood circulation, digestive processes, and others. They block the portals where essential components should pass and affect overall health. Eliminating toxins removes these blocks and results in restored normal processes. This restoration will bring many changes in the body and result in that long-term feeling of relief.

Relieve Pressure in between Organs

Colonics or colon cleansing won’t only eliminate toxins in the large intestines. The process also relieves pressure in between organs in the abdominal area. Muscles will be relaxed, promoting better blood circulation. As for other organs, this relief will also release pressure on blood vessels and nerve systems in the back, which eliminates back pain and restores smooth mobility.

Relieve Muscular and Joint Pains

Detox cleanse through foot bath has its own unique benefits for the joints. People suffering from arthritis and those feeling arthritic-like pain can take advantage of detox foot bath’s ionization and reflexology combinations. Undergoing this procedure will relieve joint pains, which will restore a person’s quality of life. More than treating pain, this procedure also restores mobility in joints to prevent further discomfort.

Improve Immunity

Clean Start Cleansing in Miami, Atlanta & Johns Creek offers detox cleansing that improves immunity. Bacterial and viral infection can be contracted anytime, which means high chances of them developing into more serious problems. Keeping the body clean of toxins will reinforce immunity, which means better protection from antibodies penetrating the body.

Deal with Excess Weight

Detox cleansing may only seem to remove free radicals. However, it also aids in weight loss, especially in the case of colon cleansing. Problematic toxin elimination in the colon causes collected wastes products along the intestinal wall. Increasing layers of waste causes weight gain without actually gaining fat. Removing this accumulated waste layer will help a person slim down and feel more energized to workout.

Restore Youthful and Healthy Skin

Facial detox will treat acne right at its cause to promote healthy and youthful skin. Accumulated dirt and toxins on the face usually trigger acne breakouts, which can not be treated by regular facial wash. Detox facial will unclog pores and detoxify the skin.

Combining this with complete detox in the body will ensure all toxins affecting it from the blood vessels will be cleaned, ensuring better skin.

At Clean Start Total Body Cleansing we believe it’s about people and the planet. We offer a one-of-a-kind approach to total body wellness. Our mission is to provide a holistic and healthy approach to beauty and wellbeing through our services, products, and green practices. 
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