Spring Cleaning: Wash Away Winter Toxins

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Your House isn't the only thing that needs a cleaning this Spring

Spring is now in full swing and it’s time to shed that winter skin.

Food and drink aren’t the only toxins in our lives that may hurt our health. Spring is a great time to purge your life of toxins and chemicals that may be harming you.

Obviously, alcohol, refined sugar, and processed foods have got to go when you’re detoxing. But other toxins to eliminate include cigarettes, fragranced soaps and candles, and harsh cleaning chemicals. Introduce all-natural alternatives into your home so that those toxins don’t re-enter your body when your detox ends.

Spring is a great time to start fresh again. Think of your body like a house that has an attic or basement that needs cleaning from time to time. Spring cleaning just makes sense, especially if you spent part of the cold winter eating lots of comfort food!

In winter our instincts are to eat comfort foods and foods high in fat. Remember all those Christmas cookies? Although completely normal (we ate our share too) leads to greater toxic overload for the body systems to process daily. Also, spring brings a sense of renewal. So, a good “spring cleaning” is definitely in order.

How Detoxing Works

There are a lot of misconceptions that surround detoxes and diets. From crash diets that freak your body out and only make the problem worse to flushing your body without replenishing the system. Fad detox diets are everywhere. It’s important to note that detoxing doesn’t mean starving, nor does it mean you’re performing a flash sale on your digestive system. For a detox to be successful, you have to remove the bad toxins, keep the good bacteria, and fill the freed spaces with nutrients.

Completely cutting fats and sugar can hurt you more than help you. If you are not prepared, research has shown that our body can get addicted to these components and go through withdrawals when we quit cold turkey.

Researchers from the University of Montreal fed mice a high-fat diet for six weeks, and then switched to a healthier diet. The mice exhibited symptoms of anxiety and depression on the new eating program, which scientists believe was due to changes in the release of brain compounds, such as the feel-good chemical dopamine. This explains why a strict new diet makes us feel blue and irritable. And that’s the last thing you want during this beautiful SPRING! Instead of following a fad diet, take up these healthful tips that will get you on the right track and “swinging into spring—clean.”

1) Up Your Magnesium Intake

Magnesium is great for relieving stress and helping your heart. After a long, cold winter you can feel tired, but magnesium, which is used to treat fatigue caused by a deficiency, can help give your body a little boost. Magnesium is also good for the heart and blood pressure.