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From the mercury in fish and amalgams to aluminum in our pans, we are bombarded by metals that accumulate in our pituitaries (that affect weight loss and hormones) as well as affecting every system of the body. Symptoms of heavy metal toxicity include fatigue, immune system dysfunction, behavior and mood disturbances, musculoskeletal complaints, GI and neurological problems, anemia, HBP, kidney and liver dysfunction and endocrine disorders.





(1)HEAVY METAL DETOX (NSP)- Remarkable formula to pull out heavy metals from the body. Heavy Metal Detox contains cilantro leaf, which has been scientifically studied in the elimination of heavy metals. Sodium alginate, kelp leaf and stem, apple fruit fiber, magnesium citrate and vitamin B6 have also been added to maintain the healthy balance of metals and minerals in the body. Use this formula to help replenish vital minerals in your diet.


(1)ALGIN (NSP)– To work with the Heavy Metal Detox to get metals out. Sodium alginate, an important part of the kelp plant, is mucilaginous and gels in water. Many people use it as a nutritional supplement supportive of the intestinal system. Its bulking action encourages normal eliminative function.


(1)Hydrated Bentonite (NSP)– Bentonite is a natural clay that comes from volcanic ash. Taken internally, it supports the intestinal system in the elimination of toxins. This product is made by suspending microfine USP-grade bentonite in purified water.




Add-ons: Psyllium Hulls Bulk or Everybody’s fiber (for needed fiber to help this process), LBSII or Cascara Sagrada(bowels must be moving good), Hydrangea.

ALTERNATIVE:  New Purify 2.0 program gets the circulation to the head to remove heavy metals with Rejuvenaid combined with the UltraBiome DTX - 2 of each daily between meals, one right after the other.



Try: Get amalgams removed by a dentist trained in this procedure. Avoid seafood with mercury (swordfish, etc.) . Drink purified water. Use our Boomerang Air Purifier. Do a series of FOOT DETOXES to help pull metal and cellular debri out.

Signature Heavy Metal Cleanse

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    Please know, the dietary supplement and recommendation have been collected over time by a world renowned herbalist with over 40 years of experience; However, These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. As always please consult your doctor if symptoms are persistent or are recurrent. One ounce of prevention will always outweigh a cure.


    Refunds will be given within 7 days of purchase to the original form of payment. Refunds after that and up to 30 days will be refunded as a store credit only. Products may be returned if opened from Nature’s Sunshine only.

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