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The kidneys must filter and eliminate many chemicals and waste bi-products from the body. An overly acidic body may develop kidney stones or develop yeast. Some symptoms of possible kidney problems: frequent urination, getting up in the middle of the night to urinate, lower back pain, pinching or stabbing abdominal pains, foul smelling or dark urination, issues going to the bathroom such as problems with urination or blood found in urination.




(1)KIDNEY ACTIVATOR (NSP)(Regular): Incredible formula to cleanse the kidneys & urinary tract. Kidney Activator is formulated with herbs that have been used traditionally to support the urinary system, with targeted support to the bladder and kidneys.


(1)CHINESE KIDNEY ACTIVATOR (NSP) (stressed kidney)- helps with water retention, edema, bags under eye and general water management in body. Kidney Activator Chinese formula was designed to promote kidney function and help clear retained water from the body.


(1)KIDNEY DRAINAGE (NSP)– A liquid combination that increases the results. Every day the kidneys filter the equivalent of nearly 200 liters of fluid from the bloodstream. They excrete toxins, metabolic wastes and excess ions and reabsorb necessary metabolic byproducts. These two bean-shaped organs also regulate the volume and chemical composition of the blood. Good nutrition and fluid intake support kidney function and promote proper waste removal and healthy tissue.


Add-ons: If stones: Add Hydrangea and Lecithin together. Urinary Maintenance, Cornsilk, Juniper Berries, Marshmallow, Cordyceps (for chronic problems), Uva Ursi, Cranberry/Buchu and JP-X (if infection), Charcoal (to absorb toxins when cleansing), KB-C (for weak kidneys, weak bones & sciatica).




Signature Kidney Cleanse

SKU: 54657777

    Please know, the dietary supplement and recommendation have been collected over time by a world renowned herbalist with over 40 years of experience; However, These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. As always please consult your doctor if symptoms are persistent or are recurrent. One ounce of prevention will always outweigh a cure.


    Refunds will be given within 7 days of purchase to the original form of payment. Refunds after that and up to 30 days will be refunded as a store credit only. Products may be returned if opened from Nature’s Sunshine only.

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