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Ultra Therm™

  • Increase calorie burn throughout the day
  • Help break down fat
  • Promote healthy weight management



  • Several recent studies support green coffee bean extract as a safe and effective weight-management ingredient. Research shows that green coffee bean extract may inhibit the enzyme amylase, blocking the absorption of starch-derived sugars. Other studies suggest that green coffee bean extract may block fat absorption, increase fat utilization and help maintain an already-normal blood sugar profile
  • Caffeine has long been shown to increase energy expenditure, which can lead to increased calories burned. Ultra Therm contains a sustained-release energy blend, which continues to release caffeine into the bloodstream for up to 6 ½ hours.
  • For centuries, green tea has been linked to good health. Green tea leaf extract offers a host of benefits, including benefits to your waistline. It helps promote thermogenesis, which in turn raises the metabolic rate. It also increases energy expenditure, especially when used in conjunction with caffeine

Ultra Therm (120 Caps)

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